• Guarding and patrolling, commercial industrial or residential • Guarding Services • Executive Protection • Industrial Security • Retail Security
• Transport Escorts • Events Management Secuity • Independent Security Management


Our Services

The company is relatively old in the market and, the combined depth of experience of the member and in-house consultants in security protection services both in the private and public sector allow us to marshal the facts, analyze the issues, and develop an appropriate response to our clients’ security problems.

Providing advice on the protection of persons, property or any other security service and the use security equipment.

  • Fraud Awareness Programs
  • Corporate Crime Prevention Strategies
  • Personnel Security
  • Security Awareness Programs
  • Security Risk Assessment and Evaluation
  • Campus and Health Care Security
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Special Event Security Risk Management and Safety

Functioning and private investigator

  • Personal Security and Background Checks
  • Employee Screening
  • Non Financial Due Diligence
  • Corporate Investigation

Screening of security officers

  • The best way to ensure the most reliable security is to put the best possible candidate for the job in the position. Thats is why Marshal Nights Security Services CC uses an extensive screening process when hiring and continues with intensive candidate evaluation for specific jobs

Compensation and benefits

  • To attract and to retain the highest qualified personnel necessary for your security needs, Marshal Nights Security Services CC offers employees
  • Competitive compensation package, basic salary, provident fund, UIF and COIDA

Our customers trust our services and protection.

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